Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My girls are so funny!!

So my girls, Rhalynn and Clara, are just so cute sometimes.

For the past week or so a bunny has been hanging out in our back yard.
Anyways the girls have decided that its a she and her name is Sally. Clara asks every morning if Sally is in the yard, so we have to go check. Sometimes she there and sometimes not, but Clara just loves to check on her. She's is even making up stories about her. Yesterday she tells me "Sally misses her Daddy." So I ask why and she replies "cause hes at work far away." Thats what we said when their Daddy was deployed. He just returned and they are living it up.
Some pics of our dear Sally.

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I'll post a project.


  1. awww how sweet! We have had more bunnys in our yard this year as well....must be something about the Ohio air!!! Joy is just amazed by them I got some good pictures yesterday of 2 of them to do for my summer 2009 album I will be doing.

  2. Your little girls are adorable, and what a cute comment...they must be glad their daddy is home
    Enfys x

  3. I went walking yesterday and a wild rabbit jumped out the bushes. But it didnt run off. So I ran back to the house and grabbed the camera and hoped it was still there when I got back. Sure enough it was and I got a picture!! I was so excited! But when I stopped and started snapping pictures it ran off. lol I'll post pictures soon. So what do you think about the gypsy?


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