Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Glee Day!!

Thats right!!  Tonight Glee once again will be gracing us with its fantastic songs and its fun storylines!  I can't wait!!

I just have a quick post of you today.  I've been hard at work on some things but my time is short so I'm squeezing projects in when I can.  I hope to start posting more often soon.  Here are three cards that I made in kits for a couple of my friends.  The SAHM's in my little neighborhood had a wonderful brunch and I helped them put these cards together after the wonderful food.

Have a Gleeful Tuesday!!



  1. These are fantastic cards, how lucky were the ladies that got kits of them! My fave is the Halloween card, the background couldn't be more perfect for the image...too cute!
    Have a happy GLEE day! :)

  2. What beautiful cards. Nice job, Melissa! Hope you enjoyed the brunch with the ladies and GLEE tonight


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