Monday, May 24, 2010

100th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I've been MIA for the last two weeks and I'm sorry about that.  I didn't do much crafting the week before last so I didn't have anything to post and last week a stomach bug made the rounds in our house (it liked me so much I got it twice).  But everyone is feeling better and everything has been cleaned and scrubbed.

I did get some crafting done inbetween being sick.

Rhalynn had her last soccer game yesterday (boy am I glad).  She actually played this game (I bribed her so I could get pics).  I made these little 3x3 cards for her to give to her teammates.  I put each players numbers on the front to make them a little more personal.  Of course the soccer ball was done on my Expression from the Sports Mania cart on Core'dinations White Wash Flower box paper (which matched their shirts perfectly).  I sanded it just a little bit to get a distressed look.  The numbers were done with the Inkadinkado Jersey Number stamp set that I got at M's on clearance.
 The Association that we play soccer in doesn't take pictures during the spring season (which I find totally stupid) so I volunteered to take team pictures.  How could I not?  I needed pictures for scrapbook pages!  So I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Rachel for letting me borrow her fantastic camera.  You rock Rach!!!!
Here's my girl before the game.  She loves picture time however I couldn't get her to give me a smile.

I just wanted to show you a couple more photos of my girls playing.  This was usually the way things went when she got on the field.
Getting ready as the ball gets closer to her.
I think this was the only time she actually ever got to kick the ball.  It was a proud Mom momment for me.  She even kicked it to her own teammate!
But then when the ball got past her the next time the Drama Queen appeared!
All and all we had a good season. 

Thanks for indulging me!



  1. Ahhhh, the drama queens. I have one in residence here myself ;0) Glad you enjoyed the camera and your little cards are CUTE!

  2. how sweet your girls are....totally enjoyed the pictures especially the drama queen one...oh I remember those days! LOL
    LOVE your card the girls did too :-)



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