Friday, August 7, 2009

Grins and giggles.

I'm so excited that I'm finially gettting though all of my pictures and actually scrapping them. I got so excited about altering thing this last year that the thousands of pictures I have, have been getting lonely.

Most of the time I have a hard time with what pictures to use. I have hundred of each month of Rhalynn's first year. And while I'll put all of them in some sort of album I only want to do one two-page layout for each month for her personal scrapbook.

I'm working on November and really couldn't find anything that struck my inspiration. Then I remember that I had perfessional pictures taken when she turned 6 month (in November). It took some time for me to track down all the proofs (I usually buy them). But once I did find them the memories of the afternoon came back to me. Rhalynn was such a happy little baby. Just about anything made her smile so getting great pictures wasn't hard. I remember the little tinkling, gigglie baby laugh and her pulling off her socks even before the photographer could get one picture.

So here page one of Rhalynn's november layout.

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