Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

We've been super busy since my last post, last Tuesday.  Last Wednesday was Rhalynn's kindergarten graduation.  I have to tell you I was teary eyes almost the whole time. Photobucket
I can't believe how much Rhalynn has grown since the begining of the school year.  The last day of school was Thursday so Clara, Rhalynn and I went for ice cream and just had a girly afternoon.

Saturday was Rhalynn's 6th birthday.  Since its a really bad weekend for a birthday party we decided to see a movie.  R got to invite her favorite friend Brooklyn.  Rhalynn, Brooklyn and Clara all got dressed up in tiaras, boas, and tons of jewelry and we went to see Shrek.  After the movie we had cake and open presents.  As you can see Clara has already ditched her dress up stuff.  Don't they just look too cute in their matching outfits.  My girls would wear theirs everyday if I let them, I'm pretty sure B would too.

On Sunday we spent the beautiful afternoon at a wonderful park in Beavercreek Ohio.  They have a wonderful playground that both of the girls love.

Clara is very found of the turtles.

Rhalynn loves this seat that uses your body weight to spin you.  Of course she doesn't weigh enough to make it go very well so she wants you to spin her.

I almost forgot about the crafty portion of the post!
This notepad and thank you card went with the altered letter "H" that Rhalynn gave to her kindergarten teacher.  We will miss Mrs. Hawkins!



  1. I need that pic of the three of them!!! Will you send it to me full sized?? They are so darn cute and yes, she would totally wear it every day, she's always wanting me to wash it, lol!

    Love the gift set, very pretty colors and papers, they go well together!

  2. What beautiful girls you have!

    The gift set is just fabulous too...I'm sure the teacher loved it!


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