Monday, October 18, 2010

Bottle Cap Necklaces

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  My was busy with not much time to be crafty.  However I do have several more things to show you that I did while I was on a blogging sabbatical....hehe.

I've been on a bottlecap kick lately.  I ordered tons and have been using them for all different things.  Here are two of the Halloween necklaces I did.  I punched small holes on the lips of the caps and inserted a jump ring them ran some clear stretchy cord through it.  I was actually looking for small ball chain (like you'd use with a dog tag) however its proving pretty hard to find.  So if anyone knows where I can get it let me know.

The first one ended up with tons of bubbles because I really wasn't sure what I was doing.  The second one came out much better.  My girls think they are so cool.  Rhalynn already wants more for her friends.



  1. Very cute! Love the little skeleton guy, what a great idea :0)

  2. Your daughters aren't the only ones to think these are cool, Melissa, I think they are too! So cute, I definitely need one to wear with my witches hat!

  3. Very, very cute!!! You can get the ball chains at a hardward or home center store; ie. Home Depot. Lowell's or somewhere that!

  4. So nice projects! Thanks for sharing :)


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