Friday, October 22, 2010

I love Friday!

I'm so happy that its Friday. Tonight my friend Beth is having a Tastefully Simple party. So I get to have yummy dips and soups tonight! Yea!!

But on a sad note my camera won't work and I have no idea why :( Every time I turn it on it tells me that the card need formatting but when I format the card the screen reads "can not read card". The card works in my Kodak play spot, so I don't think its the card. I'm pretty sure Anthony is going to have kittens when I tell him that my camera that I've had less than a year doesn't work anymore. Not really a conversation I'm looking forward to.

I have some more Halloween tags to show you. I painted these citron green. Then added stickers, rub-ons, chip board and ribbon.


Manilla Shipping tags
Craftsmart Black acrylic paint
Target $ spot - paper, chipboard, ribbon, rub-ons
Stamp - Studio G
Walmart 3D stickers
Jolee stickers

Everyone have a fabulous Friday and weekend! If you're in the area we'll be cooking smores over our firepit this evening about 8 o'clock, just bring graham crackers (I forgot to buy them).



  1. Ohhh soooooooo cute!

    I would try a new card, it might just be malfunctioning in your camera even though it works in another device. But if you do end up with an extra kitten, I would love to have one LOL!!

  2. These are super cute Melissa and look like a lot of fun to make! Awesome idea!
    Sounds like you'll have a wonderful evening, the Tastefully Simple party sounds terrific and you get S'mores too! Lucky girl! :)


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