Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trick or Treat bags

First off I want to tell you that the pictures are pretty bad since I had to take them in my dinning room.  The lighting really bites in there.

I made these cute Trick or Treat bags for my girls with the Poochie Bag Tutorial from Happy Zombie.  I actually made 4 bags but the ones that I made for my friend, Rachel's, kids I forgot to take pictures of.  Basically they were all the same shape and size just different variations of fabric and ribbon.  I love how easy these were.  I've now made four things with my sewing machine and 4 of those things were the TorT bags.  The other was my test bag  that I made for myself (I'll post another time.)

I let the girls each pick their favorite Halloween fabric from Joann's and I chose the interior to match both of their choices.
This is Clara's, she had to have pumpkins on hers.

This is Rhalynn's.  I think she just picked the first thing that caught her eye.  Rhalynn simply loathes going into Joanns or any other crafty store.  I'm pretty sure she won't be that interested in crafting later on in life.  Which is fine with me since I won't have to share my stuff with her or fight over the fun tools.

(its purple)

We'll I'm off to the dentist in about an hour....say a prayer.....I have serious anxieties about the dentist.



  1. I know for a fact that these are beautiful ;0) The kids love them and they are super functional!

  2. YOur bags are adorable! Thanks for the link to the tut and good luck at the dentist. It isn't my favorite place either.

  3. These look awesome Melissa and I think your girls made great choices for fabric! They're super cute and are so useful! Thanks for the link!

  4. love the bags - I went to the dentist on Monday.... I know how you feel.

  5. These look terrific, Melissa! How thoughtful of you to make them for your friends kids too. I know they all had to love them!
    Hope the dentist went OK.


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