Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally Friday!

Thank goodness its Friday!  No homework to help with tonight, no spelling words to go over, and a blissful extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning.  Only two more Friday before that wonderful week they call spring break.  A whole week with no alarm clock, ah heaven.  And to make today even better the girls and I got to Skyp with Anthony this morning.  We were able to see his handsome face while we talked to him.  The last couple of weeks we haven't been able to use the video because the we-fi where he was wasn't that strong.  Goodness I miss that man!  I forget, in the in-between times when he's home with us, what its like to miss him.  To see and hear him but not be able to touch him.  Okay I'm going off topic here....back on track. 

I have a cute birthday card for you today.  This is for one of the sweet girls in my neighborhood.  I wanted to do something quick and easy to have on her actual birthday.  So I pulled out some stickers that I've been saving from Martha Stewart, a scrap from My Minds Eye Love Nest stack and a couple of pieces of scrap cardstock.  I love the birthday cake sticker with the banner and bakers twine.
I hope that you have a fabulous Friday and an amazing weekend!  Tomorrow is my Thirty-One party and i'm so excited.  I still have a couple of things to finish up then I'll be ready to start preping all the food I can make in advance.  I have I ever told you how much I love having parties!!!



  1. Ok, that is too freakin cute :0) love the stickers and the little banner and bakers twine, fabulous job lady!

  2. What a cute card!!! And, I'm so glad you have a spring break coming up -- we all need those, don't we?!!! LOL!

    And, glad you at least got to see Anthony as well as talk to him -- I know that made you feel good!

  3. OMGosh Melissa, this is the most perfect birthday card! Your background of blue with the pink stripes above makes me think of an ice cream parlor and the baker's twine with the banners is creative! Love this!


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