Monday, March 7, 2011

We've made it...

through our first month without Anthony.  The first and last month are always the hardest for me, they both feel as if they will never end.  I miss him so much that its hard to focus on anything else but we are easing into a new routine.  The girls are adjusting well and I'm starting to sleep more than a couple hours each night.

I have some fabulous friend and some happen to be my neighbors and they were a major reason I was able to traverse the month without more drama than the Anthony's TV going to TV heaven.  They opened their homes to us when we just need to be any where but in our house, they've offered to watch my girls for a couple of hours just so I could have a moment to myself or go to the grocery store by myself., made me laugh and let me know if I needed anything they would be there for me.  So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!  Oh, and Rach....
I love ya!!!!

Now that thats out of the way on to the craftyness.......

I made a couple welcome cards when a couple of families moved into our little courtyard.  The patterend paper is from My Minds Eye lovenest stack the rest is various pieces of cardstock I had in my scrap drawer that i punched with the Martha Stewart Cornice border punch.  I had wrote the sentiment (nothing I had fit where I wanted it.)  I free handed the irock crystals and used my handy dandy setter to attach them.



  1. I LOVE YA TOO! You know that :0) And I'm here whenever you need me! Love the card, you did awesome with the crystals.

  2. Sounds like you have a great support system there! One month down, eleven to go and you know what Dora would say, "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..." (hugs)
    Your card is fabulous, I love the layers of punched borders...very cool! You have beautiful handwriting and a very steady hand to place those cyrstals so perfectly!
    Hope your week is going well! :)


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